Where is the most romantic place in Italy?

Are you a couple heading for Italy? Are you hoping to make your stay there a romantic getaway? Italyโ€™s lush green hillsides, cobblestoned streets, olive groves, verdant vineyards, and candlelit restaurants can provide just the right inspiration. In no particular order, here are ten of the best destinations for couples in Italy.

10. Get away to the villas of Tuscany


The countryside in Tuscany is reported to be some of the most romantic in Europe. Here you can enjoy the cobbled roads, cypress copses, lush green hills, old farmhouses, rolling vineyards, and shaded olive groves. Get a room in a quaint bed and breakfast in this town not far from Florence.

Take a short jaunt to where the Italian Renaissance was born. Take in the art, architecture, and history in Florence then return for a romantic candlelit dinner. The restaurants here offer dishes made with fresh local produce.