12 things to do and see in Ischia

Ischia has been almost unknown as a tourist destination for most Italians till the 1950s and then, thanks to a famous film producer and editor Angelo Rizzoli, the island of Ischia became an international tourist destination visited by Hollywood and Italian divas, artists and musicians. Thanks to its impressive and unique places Ischia became (and it currently is) a stage of many movies shot on this picturesque island of the Gulf of Naples. Thanks to its natural landscapes and abundant vegetation Ischia is often called โ€˜The Green Islandโ€™.

Here you will find 12 things to do and see if you decide to spend your holiday in Ischia.


12. Casamicciola Terme

Casamicciola Terme is a vibrant town known for its thermal spas. The town is well placed on the northern coast of Ischia between Ischia Porto and Lacco Ameno. It is here that you find minor villages such as Piazza Maio, Perrone, La Rita, and Castiglione.

The thermal spas are the element which makes Casamicciola Terme stand out from the other towns. The famous ones are Vagnitiello Thermal Park and Castiglione Thermal Park.

You will also come across a number of shops, cafes, and restaurants that would be perfect if you need to relax and sample some of the traditional local cuisines.