{exclusive} : 12 Best Things to Do in Lecce Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

If the provincial capital of Lecce were not so remotely located at the heel of the Italian boot, its abundance of Baroque architecture would make it one of Italy’s most visited cities. Architects here had a major advantage because of the local golden-yellow limestone was-at least in terms of stone-butter-soft and easy to carve into astonishingly intricate and detailed embellishments for its churches and palaces.

Everywhere you walk in the city, you can look up to see delicate figures-angels, human faces, animals, plants, and fanciful curlicues-supporting balconies, surrounding doorways and windows, and decorating the capitals of columns.

More than 2,000 years old, Lecce was founded by the Messapii people from the eastern Adriatic. Along with Lecce’s own tourist attractions, it is a good base for exploring this fascinating and little-visited region. Plan your trip with our list of the top attractions in Lecce.

Letโ€™s explore theย best things to do in Lecce:

12. Piazza Santโ€™Oronzo

A short distance further to the east from the Cathedral is the Piazza Santโ€™Oronzo; this is another beautiful open square with some interesting architecture and fantastic sites.ย 
Notable structures include the Chiesa di Santa Maria Delle Grazie, the Roman Amphitheatre and the gorgeous Palazzo del Sedile.ย 

Il Sedile is possibly the most noticeable structure and features a huge glass doorway framed by some intricate stonework.ย The whole immediate area surrounding the square is a pleasant place to walk through and the adjacent streets are perfect to explore in the beautiful Italian weather.