12 Best Things to Do in Milan (Italy)

Milan is an absolute behemoth of a city and has the most populated metropolitan area in Italy with 1.3 million people and 3.2 million in the wider area surrounding central Milan. Some form of human settlement has been present in the region of Milan for thousands of years and archaeological findings date back as far as 222 BC. Indeed at one point, Milan served as the capital of the Western Roman Empire.

Throughout antiquity, the middle ages, and later, Milan prospered greatly due to its commanding location in mainland Italy. Although the city was damaged during WW2 it has recovered and saw a huge economic boom that accounts for its large growth and expansion.

Today Milan offers a sublime mix of historical architecture, modern high-rise skyscrapers, all mingled together with a dash of Italian life. The city is particularly known for its abundance of high-end fashion retailers and the beautiful Duomo Cathedral.

Let’s explore theย best things to do in Milan:


12.ย Basilica di San Lorenzo


One of the more important religious buildings in Milan, the Basilica of San Lorenzo is a catholic church that is located in the southwestern part of central Milan. As one of the oldest churches in Milan, the Basilica was created in 402 and has stood in some capacity ever since. The main entrance is framed by a series of colonnades and a statue of Emperor Maximian stands in the courtyard.

Inside, the interior speaks of extreme age and the coloration is quite somber; nonetheless, there is a fantastic high altar and also the chapel of Saint Aquilino which features some beautiful ceiling artwork and mosaics.