Top 10 Most Amazing Giant Sculptures On The Planet

Sculptures or Statue usually created as a symbol. Around the world, monuments are built to pay tribute to an extraordinary life or to commemorate a special event. While many of these monuments are straightforward and easy to understand, some of them are rather strange. Often a result of sculptures being too creative, these strange monuments still carry a message with them or linked to particular events. An impressive giant sculpture is a pretty awesome way to commemorate something and make a public statement.
Top 10 amazing giant sculptures in the world.

10. The Monster Saw, Tokyo


The Monster Saw situated in Tokyo is arguably one of the world’s most eye-catching sculptures. This huge work of art rises from the grounds before the Tokyo International Exhibition Center’s main entrance hall. It was created by Coosje Van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg. This red handled tool stands over 15 meters high. This humorous hand-saw attracts tourists, art lovers, and curiosity seekers too.